Easy process analysis
Easy analysis of technical processes, also when it comes to big data and high complexity, this enables our cloud solution PI
Due to a smart combination of fast data storage, an intuitive user interface and various modelling approaches
Wether power station, waste water treatment or district heating

As a district heating operator we are aiming to make our production needs-based and largely CO2 neutral. Therefore a forecast of the expected district heat demand within the next 6 to 24 hours as precise as possible is of high value. With this we started a challenge at the Energy Hackdays with approx. 300 MB of data.

Thanks to the powerful PI platform it was possible to analyse the different influencing parameters very quickly and to present a forecast model already at the next day. We got convinced by the easy usability of the tool without any programming knowledge and the flexible visualisation as well as the engineering expertise and process know-how of the provider during the following project work.

Toni Wietlisbach, AEW Energie AG

The Swiss sewer system including wastewater treatment is now valued at around CHF 70 billion. It is therefore important to make optimal use of the existing building structure for water protection. Thanks to application of new intelligent sewer controls, up to 20% more wastewater can be retained in the sewer network. This dynamic control is very complex and generates a large amount of data.

With PI, we have managed to bring this large amount of data together and to demonstrate the wastewater emission behaviour in an understandable way. With increasing digitalization, PI will become a promising instrument for engineers.

In order to evaluate the cleaning performance of our Shock Pulse Generators, we have to merge and analyse current process data from various power plants and from our cleaning devices. Since we use the software PI for that we could significantly decrease the effort required.

Important to us are the flexible import procedure, the fast evaluations and the userfriendly visualisation of all values. Due to connection to the cloud we also have access to the system while being at our clients facilities and are able to upload and present new data right there.

Christian Steiner, Explosion Power